R&D Tax Credit Claim Case Studies

The software underpinning RDRelief was sold to one of the big-4 professional service firms in 2018. Consequently, the brand is no longer in operation.
  • R&D Tax Advisors are invited to find out more about the Inspired.tax claim preparation software.
  • Otherwise, please feel free to continue to browse this website for useful information regarding claiming R&D Tax Credits in the UK. However, beware that none of the information has been updated since 2018.


Owing to the abstract nature of the BEIS guidelines, companies often companies find it hard to understand whether the work they have undertaken qualifies for R&D Tax Credits.
Clients have often asked RD Relief advisors to for relevant case studies, where similar types of Research and Development has been part of a successful R&D Tax Credit claim.
From the 10th of August 2018, example case studies are starting to be listed below. These case studies complement the information available in the sections that discuss eligibility concerns for R&D projects across various fields and industries.
If you desire details of case studies not listed, then please get in touch, and we will consider whether our upcoming publications can be re-prioritised.

Current Case Studies

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