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The software underpinning RDRelief was sold to one of the big-4 professional service firms in 2018. Consequently, the brand is no longer in operation.
  • R&D Tax Advisors are invited to find out more about the Inspired.tax claim preparation software.
  • Otherwise, please feel free to continue to browse this website for useful information regarding claiming R&D Tax Credits in the UK. However, beware that none of the information has been updated since 2018.

The Efficiency of a Cloud-Based Claim

RD Relief's Online Claim Platform is revolutionising how companies prepare their R&D Tax Credits claims.
Preparing your claim online with RD Relief presents many advantages relative to manual claim preparation, without any of the sacrifices.
RD Relief only presents relevant workflows, supports the most formats of project and timesheet data (or if you don't have any reliable data available!) and provides a range of potential claim methodologies to fit your business.

Advantages of Online Claim Preparation

Relative to manual R&D preparation, preparing your R&D Tax Credits online has many significant benefits:
  • Increased consistency of:
    • Eligibility (and Legislative) Briefings (which can be watched multiple times at your team's leisure)
    • Assessments of the Qualifying Expenditure
    • Calculation Processes
    • Deliverables (e.g. HMRC report)
  • No more manual errors in either claim quantification or supporting documentation.
  • Complete control to work on the claim whenever you require.
  • Enhanced Security. Your data will be locked down on our secure servers, rather than in a (hopefully) password protected spreadsheet on multiple advisor laptops/email accounts.
  • Lower Costs (advisor time is expensive, software is much less costly).

Claiming R&D Tax Credits is Now Easy and Cost Effective.

Software Efficiency, Accuracy and Cost

"Time is expensive. Time for good R&D Tax consultants is even more so."
Getting the 'right' advice is often worth the cost, as this can help to maximise and robustly support your claim. In short, the value of an R&D claim benefit often outstrips the cost of the specialist services.

With RD Relief you have the best of both worlds. Our advanced technology provides carefully crafted, tailored advice (from the leading experts in the field) that is relevant to your industry. These advanced workflows increase consistency between eligibility assessments of your R&D projects undertaken by different 'competent professionals' and ensures you have a reliable, auditable, process. Where is specialist 'human' advice is required, then this can be purchased additionally - meaning that you never pay for routine manual activities that are common across claims.

With RD Relief You Can Now Prepare Claims Completely at Your Leisure

Manage the Claim Online at Your Leisure

Preparing your claim for R&D Tax Credits online with the RD Relief Software provides you with a simple, effective mechanism where you (and your team, if required) can follow carefully workflows tailored to your company (from the options you select along the way).
The days where advisors spend hours preparing multiple spreadsheets that link together to quantify a claim are now gone. Our software will guide you through the simple process of importing (or inputting) your costs in whatever form they are available, to confirming all legal and legislative requirements and coordinating between finance and technical users to assess eligibility.
Clients are now able to unequivocally prepare R&D Tax Credits claims to their timescales, be this a couple of hours, or a few months. Unlike professional advisors who have to manage their calendars carefully, it makes no difference to our online solution.
If you need help from an advisor, then our team will be there to add support you with the 'true value-add' of answering specific technical questions that are unique to your company or providing an extra, bespoke level of support.

About Our Online Claim Platform

RD Relief is packed with features to simplify the R&D claim process, providing clients with only the complexities that are relevant to their claim to ensure quick and easy claim preparation.

Prepare Multiple Claim Periods in Parallel

HMRC allow companies to look back at two prior claim periods for their R&D Tax Credits Claims.
For efficiency, it can sometimes be better for companies to prepare multiple R&D Tax Credits claims simultaneously. Amongst many efficiency gains, this means your Science and Technical teams can efficiently assess the eligibility of up to three years together.
RD Relief supports companies to prepare up to three claim periods simultaneously to leverage this efficiency through the online platform.

Easy Import of Project Costs

Importing your R&D costs has never been easier.
For clients who use supported timesheet and accountancy software RD Relief allows costs to be automatically uploaded directly into the software and then assigned to the most appropriate 'competent professional' for assessment of eligibility.
For clients using unsupported systems, RD Relief allows spreadsheets of data to be imported. For clients with no such data, then the technology allows the direct input of data.

Self-Service Claim Eligibility

All (new or existing) UK R&D Tax Credits claimant companies are eligible to use our online Self-Service claim platform.
Registration correspondence is only allowed between email addresses registered with the company's official domain (e.g. An RD Relief account cannot be created through public access email addresses such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo).

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