R&D Tax Credits for Different Industries

R&D Tax Credits for Different Industries
The software underpinning RDRelief was sold to one of the big-4 professional service firms in 2018. Consequently, the brand is no longer in operation.
  • R&D Tax Advisors are invited to find out more about the Inspired.tax claim preparation software.
  • Otherwise, please feel free to continue to browse this website for useful information regarding claiming R&D Tax Credits in the UK. However, beware that none of the information has been updated since 2018.


When many people think about Research and Development, they imagine scientists in white lab coats researching breakthroughs in rocket Science.
Although ground-breaking fields such as the above account for many R&D Tax Credit claims, claims are also much more common in non-obvious R&D industries than most people first anticipate. Companies in practically every sector need to Advance Technology. We have seen that the rate of change is increasing, as is the number of companies setting up dedicated R&D teams to gain a market advantage over their competitors.

Industries Insight

R&D Tax Credits are commonly claimed on projects in many different industry sectors, including, but not limited to the following. Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss how the R&D Tax Relief eligibility criteria apply to any other industries.

Examples of Successful R&D Claims

In addition to understanding more about how the R&D eligibility guidelines apply to different R&D Industries, many companies also find it useful to learn more about specific projects that have been successfully claimed as R&D for tax purposes.
In the Case Studies section, we will explore these examples to illustrate what transitions a project from being BAU to being R&D (for tax purposes).

Claims for R&D Tax Credits are now commonplace among most types of businesses (not just in purely Scientific, research and highly technical fields). Unfortunately, they are still often overlooked as many companies are unsure whether the projects undertaken would qualify.
Through simplified videos, our advanced cloud-based software clearly explains the eligibility criteria within the context of your company's field of Science or Technology. However, if you also want to talk to one of our leading R&D experts, then please get in touch.

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