R&D Tax Credits Double Entry Bookkeeping

R&D Tax Credits Double Entry Bookkeeping
The software underpinning RDRelief was sold to one of the big-4 professional service firms in 2018. Consequently, the brand is no longer in operation.
  • R&D Tax Advisors are invited to find out more about the Inspired.tax claim preparation software.
  • Otherwise, please feel free to continue to browse this website for useful information regarding claiming R&D Tax Credits in the UK. However, beware that none of the information has been updated since 2018.


Clients often ask for advice as to how their R&D Tax Credits claims should be accounted for within their double-entry bookkeeping.
In most cases, this is not a complex process and we have provided an example of how SME regime and RDEC regime costs should be accounted for.
Accounting treatment should always be confirmed with the company accountant and/or auditor before submission to HMRC, as there are many other concerns that need to be taken into account.

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