R&D Tax Credits - Definition of a Project

R&D Tax Credits - Definition of a Project
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A project for R&D purposes is in most cases different to a project for your business purposes. This page defines a project R&D purposes.

BEIS Definition

"A project consists of a number of activities conducted to a method or plan in order to achieve an advance in science or technology. It is important to get the boundaries of the project correct. It should encompass all the activities which collectively serve to resolve the scientific or technological uncertainty associated with achieving the advance, so it could include a number of different sub-projects. A project may itself be part of a larger commercial project, but that does not make the parts of the commercial project that do not address scientific or technological uncertainty into R&D. "


For the purpose of an R&D Tax Credits, the scope of your project will most likely be different to your definition of your project for business purposes. This is because the R&D project will focus upon the scientific and technological aspects, whereas your business project may contain a wider array of business costs that do not qualify as R&D for Tax Purposes.

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